Injured veterans would get lifelong pension, should Justin Trudeau be elected prime minister this fall.

The proposal would allow wounded soldiers to chose between a lump sum payment or a lifetime pension.

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Today, the Liberal candidate promised a host of benefits to veterans, aimed at winning their votes in the federal election. Trudeau delivered the pledge today at an event in Belleville, Ontario — which hosts a large military air base.

Under the Liberal plan, injured veterans would also be eligible for a larger disability award, which is already tax free. More veterans would be eligible for the Permanent Impairment Allowance, a $25-million investment. The impairment allowance is a monthly taxable benefit for veterans whose injuries impair their ability to work. The Earnings Loss Benefit would also be expanded, so those impaired veterans would receive 90% of their pre-release salary. It’s currently at 75%.

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The Liberals would also help veterans go to school. With a new Veterans Education Benefit, the government would pay for service people to go to university, college or get a technical education. The Liberals would put $80 million to that commitment.

Veterans’ families would also benefit. The veteran survivor’s pension would be increased, and financial assistance to ensure veterans are buried with dignity would get more funding.

The Liberals are also promising to reopen nine regional veterans affairs offices closed by the Conservatives and to hire an additional 400 staff to process claims.

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