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To serve your clients, you need up-to-date news and analysis. Within the last 12 months, these Advisor ToGo podcasts and articles resonated most.

This is the second half of our Top 10 list for 2019. Articles six through 10 were posted last week.

5. Now is not the time to give up on equities (Sept. 2019)

Examine all indicators before predicting and fearing a recession.

4. Dividend stocks to watch (Nov. 2019)

As central banks have cut interest rates, dividend stocks have benefited.

3. Stressing over the mortgage stress test (June 2019)

Heading into the summer, Canada’s housing markets were adjusting for various reasons, including an update to the mortgage stress test.

2. Golombek’s year-end tax tips (Nov. 2019)

Annual rundown from CIBC Financial Planning and Advice’s Jamie Golombek.

1. Tax implications of the Liberal win (Oct. 2019)

After the Liberals’ re-election with a minority government, we examined the implications of potential tax changes.

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