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Global ETF assets under management (AUM) grew by 1.0% in May, but have fallen by 7.9% since the end of 2021, according to London, U.K.-based research firm ETFGI.

That drop in AUM was primarily due to market performance, not lack of interest in ETFs, with May marking the 36th consecutive month of net inflows. Net ETF monthly inflows worldwide were $80.3 billion, totalling $417.9 billion for the year to date, ETFGI found. That’s the second-highest YTD net inflow on record. (All figures in U.S. dollars.)

Equities ETFs and fixed-income ETFs each accounted for nearly half of May’s inflows, with active ETFs representing the remainder. Commodities ETFs experienced net outflows for the month.

The individual ETF that gathered the most assets in May, $8.1 billion, was the iShares Core S&P 500 ETF.

As of May 31, global AUM was $9.5 trillion, down from $10.3 trillion as of Dec. 31, 2021, but up from $9.4 trillion as of April 30, according to ETFGI. The research firm also stated there are more than 10,000 ETF products from 642 providers listed on 80 exchanges in 63 countries.