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Your lives are busy, we know. A newsletter from Advisor’s Edge doesn’t provide automatic cover to drop what you’re doing and hunker down with a 2,000-word magazine article.

Many of you did find the time for the thorough, insightful feature stories you’ve come to expect from us. But in case some slipped by, here are five articles from the past year you’ll want to return to when you have the time. The holiday break may provide the right occasion.

And just a reminder that you can find online versions of all the articles from past issues of Advisor’s Edge on our archive page.

Here are five to start with.

1. Why risk assessments should be at the centre of client relationships: A look at how tech and behavioural science are changing KYC

2. Decoding your clients: How technology and genetics will impact financial planning

3. Build your book with your clients’ children: Invest in the next generation so they’ll invest with you

4. Protecting portfolios from climate risk: Institutional investors are developing methods to measure exposure to climate change. Here’s what advisors need to know.

5. Should you switch to fee-based before retiring?: Advice for advisors selling their books