New Canadians often need help with their finances. But how do you effectively communicate with them when English isn’t their first language?

One insurance broker revamped his practice so that he could better serve these clients. T.J. McRedmond, president of Crossroads Insurance in Winnipeg, says more than two decades ago, knowing other languages became a central aspect of the firm’s hiring practices, reports Canadian Insurance Top Broker. “We started purposely trying to find people who could service our [foreign-born] clientele in the offices.”

Hiring associates who can speak multiple languages can help. But in the meantime, Advisor to Client has got you covered. Click here for articles on tax, investing and estate planning that have been translated into Chinese, Hindi and Punjabi.

And here are some specific articles that can help. (Click on Chinese, Hindi or Punjabi at the top of each page for the translated versions.)

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