BMO Investments Inc. is launching Series G securities for various mutual funds, subject to securities regulatory approval. The funds include:

  • BMO Core Bond Fund
  • BMO Core Plus Bond Fund
  • BMO Monthly Income Fund
  • BMO Asset Allocation Fund
  • BMO Dividend Fund
  • BMO Tactical Dividend ETF Fund
  • BMO Fixed Income ETF Portfolio
  • BMO Income ETF Portfolio
  • BMO Conservative ETF Portfolio
  • BMO Balanced ETF Portfolio
  • BMO Growth ETF Portfolio
  • BMO Equity Growth ETF Portfolio

In a release, the bank says the Series G funds are available exclusively through BMO Group Registered Retirement Savings Plan accounts.

Additional launch

BMO Investments has also launched Series D securities for the following funds, also subject to regulatory approval:

  • BMO Money Market Fund
  • BMO Diversified Income Portfolio
  • BMO Global Diversified Fund
  • BMO Global Monthly Income Fund
  • BMO Growth & Income Fund
  • BMO Laddered Corporate Bond Fund
  • BMO Monthly Dividend Fund Ltd
  • BMO Mortgage and Short-Term Income Fund
  • BMO World Bond Fund
  • BMO Canadian Large Cap Equity Fund
  • BMO Global Growth & Income Fund
  • BMO North American Dividend Fund
  • BMO Global Small Cap Fund
  • BMO Precious Metals Fund
  • BMO Resource Fund
  • Each of the BMO U.S. Dollar Funds
  • Each of the BMO Global Tax Advantage Funds
  • BMO Resource Fund
  • Each of the BMO LifeStage Plus Funds
  • Each of the BMO FundSelect Portfolios

Risk Rating Changes

As well, BMO Investments has made the following risk rating changes, effective on or about Nov. 10, 2017:

  • BMO Conservative ETF Portfolio changed from “low to medium” to “low.”
  • BMO Global Small Cap Fund changed from “medium to high” to “medium.”
  • BMO Greater China Class changed from “high” to “medium to high.”

The bank notes in a release that the investment objectives or strategies of the funds listed won’t change as a result, and the changes are being made due to the implementation of the new standardized risk classification methodology recently mandated by Canadian Securities Administrators.