Financial Planning Standards Council (FPSC) is launching digital credentials for CFPs: a digital certificate and digital badge have replaced the paper certificate and annual seal that CFPs previously received.

The digital credentials include confirmation of a CFP’s certification status, details of what sets a CFP apart and an overview of how the designation is earned.

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“In the age of digital platforms, social media and online communications, this digital technology offers consumers real-time assurance that their financial advisor is truly qualified as a financial planner and is in good standing with their professional body,” says FPSC managing director of standards, Damienne Lebrun-Reid, in a release.

FPSC began the rollout of digital credentials with candidates who qualified for CFP certification following the December 2017 CFP exam. Existing CFP professionals will receive access to digital credentials this spring, following their annual certification renewal for the 2018-2019 year.

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