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CIBC Asset Management Inc. has launched four new ETFs.

Joining the firm’s ETF suite, and marking its return to the NEO Exchange, are the: CIBC Qx Canadian Low Volatility Dividend ETF (ticker CQLC); the CIBC Qx U.S. Low Volatility Dividend ETF (ticker CQLU); the CIBC Qx International Low Volatility Dividend ETF (ticker CQLI); and the CIBC Clean Energy Index ETF (ticker CCLN).

CQLC will invest in Canadian securities that deliver regular income from dividends, while also looking to reduce volatility. The fund has a 0.30% annual management fee, with a medium risk rating.

CQLU will invest in U.S. equity securities that provide regular dividend income. The fund also has a 0.30% fee and medium risk rating.

CQLI will invest primarily in foreign equity securities located in Europe, the Far East and the Pacific Rim, also with a focus on regular dividend income. The fund has a 0.40% fee and a medium risk rating.

CCLN will seek to replicate the CIBC Atlas Clean Energy Select Index, which focuses on companies that provide products and services which enable the evolution of a more sustainable energy sector. Possible areas of exposure include renewable energy sources, clean technologies like electric vehicles, and other emerging clean-energy activities and technologies.

The clean energy fund has a 0.35% fee and a high risk rating.

The firm said in a release that the funds “offer features and benefits that are distinctive in the marketplace and offer compelling value for Canadian investors.”