The next twelve months will bring forth some intriguing food trends, despite possible rising prices for some items.

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Experts forecast more people will try their hand at baking, and say kale and sauces will gain in popularity. Most intriguing, however, is how one of Canadians’ favoured delicacies—the doughnut—has topped the list of up-and-coming desserts.

Though Tim Hortons saw a drop in traffic near the end of the 2012 and also made efforts to expand its menu beyond its traditional fare, people are still demanding doughnuts.

In fact, specialty bakeries that feature one-of-a-kind offerings are popping up all over major cities. And trend watchers say the pastries aren’t just old-fashioned, sugar-sprinkled and glazed these days, as they’ve received a makeover and are even served at upscale restaurants.

In related news, U.S. chains Dunkin’ Donuts and Krispy Kreme plan to expand to feed demand.

Financial Times reports Dunkin’ will open approximately 360 stores in 2013 and enter new markets, while Krispy Kreme plans to double the number of locations it currently has over the next four years.

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