Dynamic Funds has announced that the risk ratings of the funds listed below will change effective on or about Nov. 17, 2017. The changes come after the implementation of the new risk classification methodology recently mandated by the CSA.

There are no changes to the investment objectives or strategies of these funds associated with their new risk ratings, says the firm.

Funds with lower risk rating

FundNew risk rating

(effective on or about November 17, 2017)

Current risk rating
Dynamic Alternative Investments Private Pool ClassLow-to-mediumMedium
Dynamic Alternative Yield ClassLow-to-mediumMedium
Dynamic Alternative Yield FundLow-to-mediumMedium
Dynamic Dividend Income ClassLowLow-to-medium
Dynamic Equity Income FundLow-to-mediumMedium
Dynamic Global Infrastructure ClassLow-to-mediumMedium
Dynamic Global Infrastructure FundLow-to-mediumMedium
Dynamic Premium Yield ClassLow-to-mediumMedium
Dynamic Premium Yield FundLow-to-mediumMedium
Dynamic Small Business FundLow-to-mediumMedium
Dynamic Strategic Yield FundLowLow-to-medium
Marquis Balanced Income PortfolioLowLow-to-medium

Funds with higher risk rating

FundNew risk rating

(effective on or about
November 17, 2017)

Current risk rating
Dynamic Canadian Dividend FundMediumLow-to-medium
Dynamic Dividend Advantage ClassMediumLow-to-medium
Dynamic Dividend Advantage FundMediumLow-to-medium
Dynamic Energy Income FundMedium-to-highMedium
Dynamic European Value FundMedium-to-highMedium
Dynamic Global Dividend FundMediumLow-to-medium
Dynamic Global Value FundMedium-to-highMedium
Dynamic Power American Growth ClassMedium-to-highMedium
Dynamic Power American Growth Fund1Medium-to-highMedium
Dynamic Power Canadian Growth FundMedium-to-highMedium
Dynamic Power Global Balanced ClassMediumLow-to-medium
Dynamic Power Global Growth ClassHighMedium
Dynamic Power Global Growth Fund Series OHighMedium
Dynamic Power Global Navigator ClassMedium-to-highMedium
Dynamic Strategic Gold ClassHighMedium to high
Dynamic Strategic Resource ClassHighMedium
Dynamic U.S. Dividend Advantage FundMediumLow-to-medium
Dynamic U.S. Sector Focus ClassMediumLow-to-medium
DMP Power Global Growth ClassHighMedium

1 Excludes Series N securities