Kingston, Ont.-based Empire Life Insurance Company has introduced eight new guaranteed investment funds (GIFs), six of which are part of a new offering that combines passive and active management.

The two standalone funds are called the Empire Life Global Dividend Growth GIF and Empire Life Short Term High Income GIF. The first, a fund that’s been reopened for GIF clients according to a Wednesday release, invests primarily in mid- to large-cap stocks from around the world. The second emphasizes short-term, higher-yielding corporate bonds.

The other six are part of a multi-strategy suite that’s overseen by portfolio manager Dave Paterson. They combine passive, smart beta and actively managed strategies, and are called:

  • Empire Life Multi-Strategy Canadian Equity GIF,
  • Empire Life Multi-Strategy US Equity GIF,
  • Empire Life Multi-Strategy Global Equity GIF,
  • Empire Life Multi-Strategy Global Conservative Portfolio GIF,
  • Empire Life Multi-Strategy Global Balanced Portfolio GIF, and
  • Empire Life Multi-Strategy Global Moderate Growth Portfolio GIF.

The company’s GIFs provide exposure to ETFs as well as “actively managed investments from third-party managers within one segregated fund solution,” the release said.