The new Liberal government has delivered its first budget, and the document was notable in part for what it didn’t include.

While OAS eligibility went back to 65 as expected, the Liberals left the stock options and capital gains regimes untouched.

And there were unpleasant surprises for small business owners, including the cancellation of the rate reductions enacted last year.

We have the implications of all these changes for your clients. Check out all our 2016 Federal Budget coverage here:

Budget narrows access to small biz deduction

There are now more restrictions on sharing the deduction.

Mutual fund corporations lose tax advantage

Clients now have to pay tax when they switch between corporate-class mutual funds.

Life insurance loophole closed for biz owners

Budget 2016 wasn’t kind to business owners using complex tax strategies involving life insurance.

Surprise end to small business tax cuts

In an unexpected move, future tax cuts for small businesses have been cancelled.

Small biz hit yet again by changes to eligible capital property

It took two years, but the government has finally addressed ECP.

Client letter: What the 2016 budget means for you

Here’s text for a client letter covering some key points from this year’s federal budget.

Are wealthy clients affected by further changes to top tax rate?

The amendments don’t change much for top earners, but we offer some tax-saving strategies.

Budget quick hits

Here’s a roundup of key changes the Liberal government introduced in this year’s budget.

Liberals spare stock options

After outcry over possible changes to the taxation of stock options, the Liberal government has left the existing regime in place — at least for now.

Liberals decide fate of capital gains tax

Advisors can breathe a sigh of relief.

Another tool gone: linked notes

If your clients trade in linked notes, they’ve lost another tax advantage.

What’s new with CPP, OAS and EI?

Budget 2016 included some changes to CPP, the OAS allowance, and Employment Insurance. Here’s what you need to know.

Stay tuned this week as analyzes the most significant tax changes resulting from this year’s budget.