If your clients receive Old Age Security, federal investigators could contact them to ask about such things as marital status, unreported departures from Canada or unreported deaths.

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That’s because the federal government aims to eliminate fraud or mistakes from Old Age Security through a massive review of payments and recipients.

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In May, the government started testing a new, simplified application form for Old Age Security benefits to prevent misunderstandings about eligibility — specifically questions about residency, where concerns have been raised about potential fraud.

The findings from the review and the application pilot project will feed into a larger strategy to modernize Old Age Security and improve payment accuracy.

The department overseeing the program, Employment and Social Development Canada, says payments are accurate almost 99% of the time. But mistakes even 1% of the time can mean hundreds of millions of dollars in mistaken payments.

Old Age Security benefits are expected to cost the federal treasury about $51.1 billion this fiscal year.

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