Almost a third (32%) of respondents to a Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada survey have been victims of financial fraud.

Credit card fraud (cited by 67% of those victimized) and debit card fraud (referenced by 29% of the victims) are the top two types.

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This year saw a sharp jump in the number of victims referencing online fraud. It was reported by 16% of the victims compared with just 6% in 2014.

The survey found that almost half (48%) of all respondents who access the Internet stated they were uncomfortable making online purchases. Of those who have shopped online, 49% claimed they spend $500 or more in an average year making online purchases. The number of survey respondents expressing discomfort with online purchases climbed with age.

Additional 2015 findings:

  • 70% of those surveyed are very concerned about identity theft
  • 47% of respondents fear that someone has personal information about them that they should not be in possession of
  • Survey participants were asked what payment method they used most often. The top three responses were debit cards (44%), credit cards (30%) and cash (20%)

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