Having trouble coming up with your company or fund name?

If you’re looking for some suggestions, why not try out the hedge fund name generator (yes, it’s a real tool). It spits out random three-word combinations, which end with terms such as capital, partners, trust, and associates, among others.

And some of them aren’t bad; the most-liked include Gold Bay Funds, Oak Stone Holdings and State Hill Securities.

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Also check out marketfolly.com’s analysis of how funds and firms usually choose their names. Using a three-step process, they offer several helpful hints for struggling marketers and entrepreneurs.

For example, if you dislike your own name, why not use a popular or favourite character name? If you’d prefer to choose a classy name, however, rivers and trees—preferably large ones—offer some timeless choices.

And if you plan to go public, you’d better start thinking of a ticker symbol too. In our November 2011 Advisor’s Edge Report, we found a few niche stocks with distinctive symbols; one agribusiness ETF appropriately chose MOO, and a NASDAQ Smartphone index snapped up FONE as their ticker.

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