Mackenzie Investments is changing who manages its growth funds.

David Arpin, vice-president and portfolio manager, and Dina DeGeer, senior vice president and portfolio manager, have assumed portfolio management responsibilities for Mackenzie Global Growth Class and Mackenzie US Growth Class. They already manage Mackenzie Canadian Growth Fund and Mackenzie Canadian Growth Balanced Fund.

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Arpin and DeGeer have also assumed management of a portion of the following private pools:

  • Mackenzie Private Canadian Focused Equity Pool/Class
  • Mackenzie Private US Equity Pool/Class
  • Mackenzie Private Global Equity Pool/Class

They also now manage a portion of Mackenzie Emerging Markets Opportunities Class.

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Arpin has 22 years of investment experience. He managed foreign securities as a member of the Mackenzie Ivy team between 2000 and 2012 and as a member of the portfolio management team of Bluewater Investment Management, which became the Mackenzie Canadian Growth team in January 2016.

DeGeer has 29 years of investment experience managing foreign growth investments and worked as a Portfolio Manager with the portfolio management team of Bluewater Investment Management prior to joining the Mackenzie Canadian Growth team in January 2016. In 2016, DeGeer was ranked one of the top 100 money managers in the world by Citywire1.

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Arpin and DeGeer follow a conservative growth investing style with a focus on high-quality growth companies that generate a growing stream of free cash flow over time.

As a result of these changes, Ashley Misquitta, vice president, will be leaving the firm effective August 19.