Mackenzie Investments has launched three products that aim to help investors stretch retirement incomes.

The new products include:

  • Mackenzie Unconstrained Fixed Income Fund. It aims to provide positive returns over a market cycle by investing in global, high-yield securities. It will mitigate risk through the use of derivatives, and through shifting from high-yield to investment-grade fixed income securities as needed. Read: Details on derivatives
  • Two Mackenzie Retirement Portfolios. These are the Mackenzie Monthly Income Conservative Portfolio and the Mackenzie Monthly Income Balanced Portfolio, both of which are defined as multi-asset portfolios that offer low volatility. The portfolios invest in a variety of assets, including dividend-paying equities; REITs; global sovereign bonds; Canadian and real return bonds; commodities; and derivatives (for hedging purposes). The balanced portfolio will hold more equity investments than the conservative portfolio. Read: Outlook for high-yield bonds

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