There’s no shortage of financial stressors for your clients, even for those who say they’re on track to meet their financial goals.

A new poll finds that even though 73% of Canadians are confidant in their financial plans, nearly 65% still say they could improve their financial habits. In fact, nearly half (43%) say they don’t regularly save money, while one quarter admit to overspending and living beyond their means.

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Other top concerns include:

  • not sticking to budgets (17%);
  • accumulating debt (17%); and
  • failing to pay monthly credit card bills (16%).

On the upside, the poll says most Canadians (66%) have reviewed their financial goals in the last six months. Most people want to save for retirement (43%) and save for dream vacations (33%). The full list of people’s goals includes:

  • repaying loans (32%);
  • purchasing vehicles (31%);
  • paying mortgages (29%);
  • purchasing houses or condos (22%);
  • saving for life events (18%); and
  • saving for children’s educations (18%).

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To achieve these goals, says the poll, most Canadians are putting together budgets (51%) and examining monthly spending habits monthly (55%).


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