Manulife Insurance has altered its Lifecheque Critical Illness offering.

That’s because “many Canadians are struck with debilitating, severe or chronic medical conditions, and need additional assistance,” says David Baker, assistant vice-president of Insurance at Manulife.

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The changes are outlined below.

  • The company has expanded the definition of Alzheimer’s disease to include Dementia, and has expanded the definition of Parkinson’s disease to include specified atypical parkinsonian disorders
  • It has added coverage for two more conditions, and those are Aplastic anemia and Bacterial meningitis
  • It has also added coverage of three other conditions under the Early Intervention Benefit, and those are Chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CCL) Rai stage 0, Papillary or follicular thyroid cancer Stage T1, and Stage 1 malignant melanoma
  • The company has improved access to LivingCare by reducing the waiting period to 90 days from 180 days, subject to additional underwriting
  • It has removed the sub-standard rating to Return of Premium Riders when the associated base insurance coverage is also rated sub-standard
  • It has made price improvements on select plan types and return of premium riders, particularly for younger clients


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