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Securities regulators have approved proposed continuing education (CE) rules for mutual fund dealers and reps.

The Ontario Securities Commission (OSC) announced on Thursday that it has approved the Mutual Fund Dealers Association of Canada’s (MFDA) proposed rules that establish continuing education requirements for fund dealers and their reps, and set minimum standards for complying with these requirements.

The initiative aims to ensure that fund reps’ skills and industry knowledge remain up to date.

The MFDA began consulting on proposed CE requirements back in 2014. After a couple of rounds of consultation, its latest proposals were issued in March 2018.

The self-regulatory organization made some non-material changes to the rules in response to the latest comment period. The date for the final rules to take effect will be determined by the MFDA.

Along with the OSC, the various other provincial and territorial regulators have also approved (or not objected to) the rules.