The oldest university in the English-speaking world is issuing its first-ever bond.

Oxford University has hired J.P. Morgan to raise at least £250 million worth of 100-year bonds, reports Reuters.

“Individual Oxford colleges have issued debt in the past but this planned sale, which will be marketed in London and Edinburgh this week, would be the university’s first as a whole,” says Reuters.

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Earlier this week, Moody’s assigned the university a Aaa rating with a stable outlook. The agency cited Oxford’s “exceptional market position, diversified revenues, and resilient balance sheet,” noting that student demand should be consistent and that the institution has “wide-ranging support from the government, donors, and research funding bodies.”

The Financial Times reports that Oxford’s bond “will have the longest maturity of any bond from the U.K. university sector, and its duration will also be longer than any publicly issued U.K. government bond.” The Times adds that the funds will likely be used on “long-term strategic projects.”

Read the full FT story here.