The long weekend is approaching, meaning you and your clients are likely digging out your suitcases and summer gear, and planning to head to the cottage.

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And as we head into summer, most Canadians (83%) plan to travel, says a new BMO study. The problem is less than half of these globetrotters will bother to get travel insurance.

Though possibly needing medical attention is one of the top three worries for people across the country, they often fail to prepare for the huge bills they could rack up by getting caught in a medical situation while abroad.


For example, those travelling in the U.S. could end up spending US$20,000 to fix a broken leg. Most surprising, it’s actually cheaper to get air lifted from states like Florida to Ontario, which only costs US$15,000.

If travelling further afield, your clients could face bills as high as $40,000.

Also warn people that choosing the right insurance can be tricky. The study finds most don’t understand the amount of coverage they buy or which activities their policies cover.


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