Sometimes the best way to confront a difficult topic is to laugh at it — at least that’s what CBC satirical show This is That and CIBC economist Avery Shenfeld are trying to do. In two separate send ups of the financial world, they parody dry tax material and the loonie’s recent troubles.

Radio show This is That recently interviewed fake CRA spokesperson Bernard Wesley, who explains, “Often the information we’re trying to convey when we’re talking about the Canadian tax code can be dry and sterile and boring. What’s not dry and sterile and boring is rap.”

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In a bid to make taxes more accessible, Wesley hires fictional New York rapper Lil’ Nas T to come up with rhymes about tax carry-overs, T4 slips and more.

“I ain’t no president, this is for a non-resident,” raps Lil’ Nas T. For the full piece, click here.

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In what’s becoming a bit of a tradition at CIBC, economist Avery Shenfeld has released another Weird Al-style financial re-write of a popular song. Last year, he wrote lyrics about the Federal Reserve and OPEC meetings to the tune of Dolly Parton’s 9 to 5. This year, he’s set his words to the tune for Adele’s Hello:

Hello (Canada’s Call to U.S. Investors)
Hello, it’s me
I was wondering if after oh-fifteen you’d like to meet
To go over, our economy
They say the loonie’s supposed to heal it
But it ain’t done much healing

Hello, can you hear me
I’m in Fort McMurray dreaming about how it used to be
When crude was boosting, the TSE
I’ve forgotten how it felt before our stocks fell at our feet

There’s such a difference, between us
Not yet a new Trump wall

Hello from the northern side
We’re suffering from the resource slide
We tell you, we’re sorry
For everything that you’ve lost
But ask you not to short us
For what we’ve cost

Hello from the northern side
Our central bank plans will collide
As the Fed, in hiking,
Is breaking your heart
But Steve Poloz, he clearly
Must set us apart, even more

Hello, how are you
‘Cause it’s typical of us to need a U.S. lift you see
We hope that you’re well
Can you ever make it up for elsewhere
Where nothing ever happens

It’s no secret
That our housing boom
Is running out of time

So Hello from the northern side
We’re counting on the loonie’s dive
To sell you, our exports
All of our planes and our trucks
And hire our poor workers
At cheaper bucks

Hello now it’s cold outside
On this side of the great divide
We tell you, there’s more to
Oil and gas in our cart
As we know now, we clearly
Cannot rest on that part, anymore

Ooooh, anymore
Ooooh, anymore
Ooooh, anymore

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