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RBC Global Asset Management Inc. launched Monday five portfolio products offering exposure to global equities.

The same day, Mackenzie Investments announced two new funds intended to give clients growth opportunities in North American markets.

The five RBC Global Choices Portfolios will be invested in a selection of 10 funds managed by eight different firms, RBC said Monday.

The portfolios range from all-equity with a smidgen of fixed income (1%) to a conservative portfolio with three-quarters invested in fixed income.

The makeup of emerging markets equities ranges from 3% in the “very conservative” portfolio to 11% in the all-equity portfolio.

The new RBC portfolios give clients “a curated selection of funds and ETFs managed by leading third-party managers while providing exposure to global equity markets,” RBC GAM Inc. president Doug Coulter said in a release.

The management fees for the portfolios range from 0.85% for the F series to 1.85% for the A series.

For its part, Mackenzie Investments rolled out Monday the Mackenzie North American Equity Fund and the Mackenzie North American Balanced Fund. The risk ratings are low to medium.

With the equity fund, Mackenzie “seeks to identify leading businesses with above average growth rates and less cyclicality, and applies a strong valuation discipline when investing,” the firm said in a release.

The balanced fund “is designed to maximize risk-adjusted returns and deliver on the growth, income, and volatility objectives of balanced fund investors.”

The management fees for the North American Equity Fund range from 0.8% for the F series to 2% for the A series.

The management fees for the North American Balanced Fund range from 0.7% for the F series to 1.7% for the A series.