Tax is top, again.

Nearly two-thirds of this year’s top 25 articles deal with the perennially popular topic. And dividend rules remain a bother, given that last year’s #3 story, Effects of new dividend tax rules, has moved into this year’s #2 spot.

Cross-border issues were of particular concern, as FATCA, snowbirds and the T1135 showed up in our list.

We can also tell it’s the end of a CE cycle, because three of the top 25 stories are CE courses (asterisked below). If you’ve already taken these three courses and need more credits, go to, where we have many more courses available.

Without further ado, here are the top 25 stories of 2014.

25. Purpose-driven sustainable withdrawal rate*

24. Budget 2014 clamps down on trusts

23. Can clients leave kids their pensions?

22. What happens to RRSPs in bankruptcy?

21. Do you know how to use in-trust accounts?

20. Over-contribution retribution

19. Understanding the pension income tax credit

18. Tax loss selling: Using Canadian-listed ETFs to defer taxes on capital gains*

17. 10 expressions to avoid

16. Richardson GMP tackles Macquarie broker exits

15. U.S. heading for crisis

14. 11 ways to use LinkedIn effectively

13. RCMP, AMF raid Amaya, Canaccord, Manulife

12. Understanding CRM2’s performance reporting requirements*

11. Understanding the new T1135

10. CRA sets new OAS clawback level

9. Tax tips for cottages

8. New border rules spell trouble for snowbirds

7. Joint accounts and survivorship rights

6. RESP withdrawals 101

5. T1135 gets another facelift

4. Residency rules snowbirds need to know

3. A little-known TFSA fact: Golombek

2. Effects of new dividend tax rules

And, our top story, which shows that a suspenseful headline beats a question headline:

1. The world’s best healthcare is in…