Throughout the year, posted audio podcasts and related articles on a variety of topics, including domestic and global equities, taxes and practice management.

In reverse order, the most popular stories of 2014 were:

10. Should clients invest in Canada?

The U.S. was overshadowing Canada at the beginning of the year, and that trend has continued. It’s important to note that while real estate was attractive early in 2014, Stephen Carlin, senior portfolio manager at CIBC Asset Management, switched his view on the sector in October due to the prospect of rising interest rates.

9. 2 reasons Canada will lag this year

The housing sector and sluggish retail sales were expected to weigh on Canada’s growth in 2014. For more on comparing Canadian and U.S. markets, read: Help clients compare U.S. and Canada.

8. Prepare clients for interest rate hikes

The Canadian economy became more sensitive to interest rate fluctuations.

7. Why emerging markets will soar

When helping clients choose EM investments, advisors should consider whether stocks are benefitting from cyclical or long-term trends. For more on Mexico, India, Brazil and South Africa, read: A closer look at emerging markets.

6. Foreign tax tips from Golombek

If your Canadian clients own foreign bank accounts or hold foreign securities, their updated T1135 forms (for 2013 tax reporting) were due on July 31, 2014.

5. Are Canadian banks worth the investment?

Canadian banks have been a solid investment since the financial crisis, but their valuations are rising. To look back on banks’ performances early in 2014, also read: Outlook bright for Canadian banks.

4. How to answer common fee questions

Due to CRM2, prepare to explain your fees.

3. 4 reasons stocks will keep climbing

Stock markets may be at a high, but they still have an upside.

2. Tax tips for cottages

If a client wants to keep her cottage in the family, she should consider claiming the principal residence exemption when she transfers or sells the property to family members

1. A little-known TFSA fact

Most people don’t realize how much TFSA contribution room they actually have.