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Throughout the year, Advisor To Go podcasts and related articles covered a variety of topics, including the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, currency movements and the U.S. election.

Here’s the first part of our editor’s choice top 10.

10. Is commercial real estate still a good investment?

With the shift to working from home during the pandemic, many industry observers forecast the end of office space demand. Larry Antonatos, from Brookfield Asset Management’s Public Securities Group, wasn’t one of them.

9. How the U.S. election could affect markets

The two U.S. presidential candidates ran on very different platforms, and investors were preparing for potential market fallout. Here’s what Avery Shenfeld, managing director and chief economist at CIBC Economics, had to say just days before Americans voted.

In follow-up podcasts taped just after the Nov. 3 election, two portfolio managers commented on the election results. Sam Garza, a portfolio manager at DoubleLine Capital in Los Angeles, Calif., discussed where investors were finding silver linings, while CIBC Asset Management’s Natalie Taylor pointed out which beaten-up sectors were rebounding based on president-elect Joe Biden’s victory.

8. Housing is hot — but for how long?

Canada’s housing market has experienced a V-shaped recovery during the pandemic, but the strong bounceback may not be sustainable over the longer term.

7. Portfolio picks for the recovery

For some investors, a focus on high-quality companies never goes out of style. Yet, as a result of the pandemic, assessing which companies to include in that category started to take more legwork than usual.

6. U.S. dollar’s plunge could persist

The safe-haven U.S. dollar benefited from March’s sell-off but was giving up those gains by August — and it has continued to drop since then.

In October, CIBC’s Luc de la Durantaye reiterated his view that the greenback was weak.