Nicola Wealth Management has partnered with WealthBar Financial Services, an online financial advisory service.

The companies aim to make pooled fund investing accessible to all Canadians, rather than primarily to wealthy clients. “This collaboration opens doors for our clients [by] giving them access to investing opportunities that were traditionally reserved for [wealthy] individuals,” says Tea Nicola, co-founder and CEO of WealthBar.

Chris Nicola, also a co-founder of WealthBar, adds, “The pre-retiree community [is] looking for funds that provide strong [returns], while reducing exposure to risk.”

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Nicola Wealth Management holds nearly $4 billion in assets. The firm offers access to investments such as private equity and real estate limited partnerships. John Nicola is chair and CEO of Nicola Wealth and sits as an advisor to WealthBar. Tea is John Nicola’s daughter-in-law, while Chris is John’s son.


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