Wealthy Canadians (those with assets exceeding $1 million) plan on leaving 4% of their estates to charity, finds a new BMO study.

The bank released its study to mark national philanthropy day tomorrow. It’s the third in a series by BMO Harris Private Banking that examines trends among our nation’s affluent.

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The study found almost three-quarters of wealthy investors have returned to pre-recession levels of support for charities, with 48% saying they’re currently donating the same as they did before the onset of the recession. In fact, 36% are donating more.

On average, respondents say they will donate an average of $5,217 in 2013 to charitable causes. These are the top causes they support:

  • Health programs and disease research (72%)
  • Children’s charities (38%)
  • Local community programs (36%)
  • Religious institutions (33%)
  • Animal welfare (24%)
  • Education (18%)
  • The arts (16%)
  • Political, environmental and foreign aid causes (tied at 13%)

Women are more likely than men to donate to health programs and disease research (79% versus 69%) and animal welfare (30% versus 21%). However, men are more likely than women to donate to religious institutions (37% vs. 23%).


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