Winter-weary Canadians looking to escape this year’s record-cold temperatures plan to spend an average of about $2,300 on their March Break vacations, according to a CIBC poll. More than half of those travelling (56%) will be vacationing outside of Canada.

Highlights of the poll include:

  • 12% say they are planning a March vacation, with an average cost of $2,328.
  • Despite the falling loonie, more than half of March Break travelers (56%) prefer to go outside of Canada, with the U.S. a top destination for 35% and international travel preferred by 21%.

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  • 21% of March Break travelers are traveling within Canada, and 26% are staying even closer to home by traveling within their province.

When asked what they worry about when traveling, respondents said getting sick or injured while on vacation (34%), overspending (17%), losing their money or credit cards (14%), and flight delays or cancellations because of bad weather (13%) were their top travel concerns.

Percentage vacationing for March Break, by region:

National – 12%

Atlantic Canada – 9%

Quebec – 13%

Ontario – 11%

Manitoba/Saskatchewan – 17%

Alberta – 12%

British Columbia – 15%

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Top concerns when travelling (among those with travel concerns):

Someone gets sick or injured on our vacation – 34%

We overspend on our vacation – 17%

We lose our money or credit cards – 14%

Our flight is delayed or cancelled because of bad weather – 13%

Our travel plans need to be cancelled before our vacation – 7%

Our luggage is lost – 6%

Our travel plans get interrupted during our vacation – 4%

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