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Invest for returns
while reshaping the future.

Canada Life Sustainable Portfolios

balance purpose with performance, and risk with return.

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An all-in-one approach

Empower your clients to invest responsibly and influence change without sacrificing returns.

Our strategically engineered multi-asset total portfolio solution balances purpose with performance.

The simplicity of a complete diversified portfolio in a single fund

via three different asset allocations to meet your clients’ needs.

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Powerful Partnerships, supporting your success in sustainable strategies

J.P. Morgan Asset Management (JPMAM) is the subadvisor for Canada Life Sustainable Portfolios

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Social consciousness
is the topic of the 21st century.

First introduced in the 1970s, ESG funds perfectly align with the mindset of today’s investors.
Designed to deliver confidence while driving change, ESG funds take into consideration environmental, social and governance factors.


  • Climate change
  • Deforestation
  • Carbon footprint
  • Waste & pollution



  • Executive pay
  • Political lobbying & donations
  • Board diversity
  • Tax strategy

ESG funds are no longer a niche area

Interest in responsible investing is rapidly increasing. What was once niche now represents a critical component of the investment process.

$20 billion

in 2020


since 2011

Combined, net assets in ESG mutual funds and ETFs in Canada have quadrupled since 20111


55% vs. 11%

Responsible investment fund assets grew by 55% in 2020 vs. 11% growth for the fund industry overall 1

It’s time you had the conversation with
your clients about responsible investing.


82% of
Canadian investors

would like to dedicate a portion of their portfolios to responsible investing2


But only 28%
of advisors

are having the conversation3

Millennials vs. Gen X & Boomers

While there’s increased interest in ESG funds, there’s a generational divide.

Millennials: They’re already believers

Pursuing millennials creates a pipeline of future wealth customers. No longer recent graduates or “hipsters,” many are now approaching 40.

Millennials: They’re already believers

Do not underestimate this

Market size

Millennial wealth

Market size

Millennials are the largest generation in Canada.


of total population4

Progressing faster financially than any other generation. Serious about investing.

Millennial wealth




in wealth controlled by this generation5

22K millennial

$1 million in financial

$1 trillion
by 2028

This movement of personal assets marks the largest
wealth transfer in Canadian history.

ESG funds deliver on what’s important to millennials. Statistics prove their interest.


are interested in sustainable investing8


want to tailor their investments to their values9


expect their financial professionals to do a deep dive into a company’s ESG factors and history before recommending10


are using an advisor—and are more likely to consider responsible investments when an advisor initiates the conversation11

Gen X & Boomers: They need convincing

Older generations of Canadians are interested in ESG funds, but they still buy into common myths about performance and risk.

Gen X & Boomers: They need convincing

Myths about ESG funds12

Myth 1

Sustainable strategies sacrifice performance.

Myth 2

The key to sustainable investing is excluding “sin” stocks.

Myth 3

Sustainable investing is a fad.

Myth 4

Only millennials and women are into sustainable investing.

Myth 5

Sustainable investing works only for equities.

Read up and ready yourself to debunk these myths.

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Your clients care about the future. And want to discuss it.

It’s time to have the conversation about ESG funds and the positive impact they can have both on the future and on your clients’ portfolios.

For more information about each of the Canada Life Sustainable Portfolios, talk to a member of your Canada Life wealth wholesale team.

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