William Watson to Canadians: Don’t hold your breath for a euro-style monetary union – courtesy of Mackenzie Financial

Research released last year indicated that adopting a common currency would increase GDP by 37%. But noted economist, author and National Post columnist William Watson says that talk of the "amero" is not just dreaming in Technicolor, it’s "dreaming in three dimensions, with Surround Sound". For the full story, read William Watson to Canadians: Don’t […]

By Staff |December 2, 2002

1 min read

Become a One-Stop Shop

Untitled Document Grow your business by growing your network. TD Mutual Funds offers you an article that can show you how to become a one-stop shop for your clients to generate more business. Download Become a One-Stop Shop now. Visit TD Mutual Funds for more great content to help build your business. November 2002

By Staff |November 28, 2002

1 min read

The marketing gift that keeps on giving

(November 2002) The old adage “it’s better to give than receive” is true, but before you start ordering this season’s gifts for your clients, you should think about why you are sending them. Perhaps you distribute gifts to thank people for being your clients and supporting you over the year. Maybe you’re just celebrating the […]

By Martin R. Baird |November 27, 2002

4 min read

Your guide to outstanding client gifts that will make you stand out

(November 2002) Finding unique gifts that make you stand out in the mind of your clients has been made easy, thanks to’s holiday gift giving guide. Read on for some unusual yet thoughtful presents from Canadian Web sites that you can send to your client base or centres of influence this December. For the […]

By Wendi Phillips |November 27, 2002

3 min read