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By Staff | February 17, 2006 | Last updated on February 17, 2006
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Franklin Advisers, Inc. is the largest retail fixed income manager in the United States. For more than 50 years, Franklin Templeton Investments has continued to provide a diverse range of solutions to help investors achieve their financial objectives.

Eric Takaha, Senior Vice President and Director of High Yield Income, comments on high yield market for Q4 2005. At the forefront of our income solutions, Franklin High Income Fund offers investors access to the high yield market in the United States and abroad. The Fund is supported by 88 investment professionals across Franklin’s fixed income group.

The Fund provides:

  • Enhanced fixed income portfolio diversification. High yield bond funds tend to have low correlations with other asset classes, enhancing portfolio efficiency.
  • Strong fundamentals for asset class. Positive economic, industry, and corporate events combined with low historical default rates offer potential for strong relative returns.

For more information on Franklin High Income Fund, please call your Franklin Templeton Investments sales manager at 1.800.897.7280 or visit advisorsource at www.franklintempleton.ca today.

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