BMO GAM launches long/short, international equity funds

By Staff | September 18, 2015 | Last updated on September 18, 2015
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BMO Global Asset Management has introduced two funds: BMO Global Long/Short Equity Fund and BMO Disciplined International Equity Fund.

Both Funds will invest in equity securities and will be managed by BMO Global Asset Management’s Disciplined Equity team.

BMO Global Long/Short Equity Fund: invests in long and short positions. Depending on market conditions, the fund will have net long exposure in the range of 40% to 80%. The fund seeks to offer meaningful upside participation when markets are rising, along with significant downside protection when they are falling. The fund is designed to provide an alternative source of return and portfolio diversification to traditional equity and fixed-income strategies.

BMO Disciplined International Equity Fund: a long-only fund that invests in equity securities of companies in developed countries outside of North America. The fund strives to deliver excess return relative to the MSCI EAFE benchmark with about the same level of risk.

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