John and Leslie: Retirement Resource Centre Case Study

November 15, 2013 | Last updated on November 15, 2013
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According to an industry report, Canadians need an estimated 79% to 98% of pre-retirement income to maintain a similar lifestyle in retirement. That same report indicates Canadians earning $150,000 or more in their working years will need to replace 84% of their income to maintain a similar lifestyle in retirement.1

How can your clients plan now in order to enjoy their vision of retirement? Let’s look at John and his wife Leslie’s situation.

John wants to retire in 15 years, at age 65. As an executive, his salary gives them lots of insurance and investment options. They have substantial savings and investments. John and Leslie want enough money to provide a reasonable amount of money each year to maintain their lifestyle, help their family with some financial issues and leave a legacy. Also, John’s friend recently had a heart attack, and the financial hardship of this health matter has hit close to home. Now John’s wondering about protecting his own assets from an unexpected event.

Advisor analysis

David Myers Regional Sales Director Individual Distribution and Marketing Sun Life Financial

It would be interesting to know whether John and Leslie acquired the non-registered savings by way of inheritance or…Click to read more from David

Bruce Campbell Director, Wealth Sales Sun Life Global Investments

Advisors have the ultimate responsibility of knowing the client and determining whether any particular investment product may be suitable for them. As a Sun Life Global…Click to read more from Bruce

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1 Aon Hewitt report for the Retirement Income Industry Association, 2012