Planning and Advice

Put the

Your approach to your client relationship The services you provide, written from a client perspective An easy way for clients to remember what you do for them Put the "life" in your practice in 2003 — previous stories Developing your mission statement and value proposition Creating your communications strategy Keep company separate It’s important to […]

By Barry LaValley | December 17, 2002

5 min read

The prospect conversion

Turning prospects into clients is all about knowing your target market. The biggest mistake that advisors make in attempting to convert prospects is failing to create a clear picture of what they do and how a person can benefit from their services, according to author and financial services sales guru Paul Karasik. “The advisor is […]

By Staff | December 4, 2002

2 min read

Retiring clients trying to choose between RRIFs and annuities?

At age 65, Tom converts his entire RRSP to a RRIF – He wants to begin his retirement with flexible RRIF payments because he’s not sure what his expenses will be, how his health will hold out, and what his spouse and children might need. And with several years left for his capital to grow, […]

By Staff | December 4, 2002

3 min read

The Amazing True Story of One of History’s Most Extraordinary Con Men – Courtesy of Mackenzie Financial

By the age of 21, Frank Abagnale had already amassed an impressive list of employment credentials for his resume. Among his past positions: airline pilot, doctor, lawyer and university professor. Not bad for a high school dropout with no legitimate qualifications in any of those fields. In reality, his true talents lay in forgery and […]

By Staff | December 2, 2002

1 min read