Review reminder: Use this checklist to ensure insurance needs aren’t overlooked

By Joanne Ferguson | May 17, 2004 | Last updated on May 17, 2004
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(June 2004) When conducting an annual review with your clients, you undoubtedly have plenty of things to talk about — and to be distracted by. To prevent you from neglecting to delve into an insurance or estate planning discussion, use the following review checklist at your next meeting.

(For more expert insights and tips on incorporating insurance into your practice and talking about insurance and estate planning strategies with clients, please click here.)

Annual Review Checklist

Household name: ____________________________A B C Other

Meeting date: ___________________ Meeting time: _______________

Accounts to be reviewed: ___________________ __________________ ___________________

Meeting requirements:

Asset allocation

Financial plan

Insurance file

Capital gains/loss report

Performance – ? 1 Yr ? 2 Yr ? 3 Yr ? Other ____________

Documentation update

Administrative requirements _________________________________

Other ____________________________________________________

Discussion points:

Discussion of any changes since last meeting

Asset allocation review

Service agreement review


Estate planning


Post-meeting actions:

Trades/transactions: __________________________________________________________

Update asset allocation: _______________________________________________________

Update financial plan: _________________________________________________________

Other: ______________________________________________________________________


Schedule next call cycle in contact management system: Completed

• • •

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