Traditional media offers best financial tips, say investors

By Staff | August 23, 2013 | Last updated on August 23, 2013
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Despite the steady adoption of social media, most Canadian investors (57%) still rely on traditional media sources for investment-related news, says a new BMO study.

It adds only one-third look to social media for information. The specific media platforms used include:

  • Television and business news shows (36%)
  • Print editions of newspapers and magazines (30%)
  • Online editions of newspapers and magazines (24%)
  • An online investing service provider (22%)
  • Online financial communities and forums (22%)
  • Radio (12%)
  • Facebook (9%)
  • Blogs (7%)
  • Mobile investing app (5%)
  • Twitter (4%)
  • LinkedIn (3%)

When asked how reliable each of these sources are, respondents said they trusted traditional media like news shows and papers most (61%). Only 24% rely on social media platforms.


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