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By Staff | November 17, 2005 | Last updated on November 17, 2005
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bestLINK Protected Deposit Notes™ – R.O.C.™ Diversified Income Class, Series 1 bestLINK Protected Deposit Notes™ – Diversified Income Class, Series 1

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Sales Tool – R.O.C.™ Diversified Income Class Sales Tool – Diversified Income Class

The two bestLINK™ income solutions provide the potential for stable monthly income and growth all at the same time. These Notes are linked to the proven performance of Franklin Templeton Diversified Income Portfolio and are 100% principal protected at maturity.

Potential monthly distributions: Your clients will receive monthly distributions equivalent to 100% of the total distributions, if any, on the underlying units. With nine income sources, this Portfolio is an ideal solution for a diversified income stream.

Tax Advantage: For the R.O.C. Diversified Income Class Note, distributions are paid in the form of return of capital that should allow your clients to defer taxes.

Growth Potential: Your clients can participate in up to 200% leveraged exposure to Franklin Templeton Diversified Income Portfolio, a solution that offers a diversified mix of income and bond mutual funds.

Active Management: The underlying Franklin Templeton Diversified Income Portfolio is actively managed to capitalize on market opportunities and to achieve the goal of reducing the Portfolio’s volatility while enhancing return. The Portfolio is managed by Franklin Templeton Investments Private Client Group*, which has more than 20 years of high net worth investment expertise.

Strength of Reputation: Your clients invest in a solution from Franklin Templeton Investments and Bank of Montreal** – two financial services institutions with long and distinguished reputations as market leaders in Canada.

FundSERV Code: JHN 112 – R.O.C. Diversified Income Class, Series 1 JHN 111 – Diversified Income Class, Series 1

Advisor compensation: 5% with 0.25% trailer fee (for 8 years)

Available until: December 23, 2005 Minimum investment: $2,000

To get these income solutions working for you: Please contact your Franklin Templeton Investments sales manager at 1.800.897.7286 or visit advisorsource.

*Franklin Templeton Investments Private Client Group is a part of Fiduciary Trust Company of Canada, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Franklin Templeton Investments Corp.

**The Notes are issued by and constitute direct, unconditional obligations of Bank of Montreal.

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