How to use social media more effectively

To effectively leverage and maximize social media tools to grow business takes more than just a social media presence.

By Vikram Barhat |January 30, 2012

1 min read

Web delivers travel insurance commission

As the vast majority of Canadians take their products-and-services search online, businesses are beginning to follow. The financial services industry is waking up to this trend.

By Vikram Barhat |January 16, 2012

2 min read

New social media trends for 2012

Those who predicted unstinted growth for social media in 2011 got it spot on. The global appeal and adoption of social media continue to create a hyperconnected world where, LinkedIn tells me, 240 connections can link you to over four million people. The ‘six degrees of separation’ theory, thanks to social networking sites, is all […]

By Vikram Barhat |December 30, 2011

1 min read

Social networking not delivering the goods

Financial services industry has been slow to adopt social media and has so far been unable and unwilling to leverage the medium to its fullest potential.

By Vikram Barhat |December 29, 2011

1 min read