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Five things that can sink your clients’ retirement ship

Most clients dream of cruising off into the sunset in retirement, but the journey is rarely that easy and carefree.

New Year’s resolutions for retirement planning

The dawn of the new year offers clients an opportunity to rethink and regroup, and to deal with some of those life and financial matters…

How clients can ramp up their retirement security

When it comes to retirement, many clients fear running out of cash while they still have plenty of living to do.

Advance planning puts clients ahead of the curve

If aging is the only way to live a long life, as one adage puts it, then clients need to think about the financial, physical…

Four common obstacles to clients’ retirement plans

Not one of your clients probably aims to live a pinched and circumscribed existence in retirement, but sometimes life gets in the way.

The cost of living beyond 100

The World Economic Forum recently published a discussion paper titled, “We’ll Live to 100. How Can We Afford It?” It makes the case that, with…

Prepare clients for the retirement home stretch

To many clients, retirement may seem a distant dream. Yet as the date looms, they often feel anxious and edgy about these life changes. Are…

Help clients stretch expenses in retirement

This month’s Global View offers observations on how clients can stretch the money they already have to get the retirement they want.

5 key reminders for clients

Indeed, the world of investing can be intimidating. But clients who opt for a thoughtful, steady approach will be best-positioned for long-term success.

4 rules to live by in retirement

Investing for retirement requires commitment and adherence to a plan over time.

Help clients navigate common retirement fears

Famous Danish philosopher Soren Kierkegaard described anxiety as “the dizziness of freedom.” And there’s something to that. Routines form the fabric of most people’s lives,…

Encourage clients to brainstorm their ideal retirement

“Retirement is like a long vacation in Vegas,” former Wall Street Journal columnist Jonathan Clements once wrote. “The goal is to enjoy these years to…

Four strategies to help clients handle retirement challenges

So much of retirement planning involves calculation – how much clients need to save, how much cash flow they require, and for how long. But…

4 new year’s resolutions for clients who want to age happily

When it comes to clients having a happy retirement, a fat nest egg and good health are great places to start. Sometimes, however, an out-of-date…

3 reasons retirement shouldn’t be a full stop

The old adage, “Today is the first day of the rest of your life,” is never truer than on a client’s last day on the…

Clients’ path to retirement will impact planning

As you’ve no doubt seen in your practice, clients take many different paths to reach retirement. But unless they have a gold-plated pension, many will…

Four tips to help clients take control of their retirement

There has been much doom and gloom surrounding the discussion of retirement in Canada recently.

Retirement lessons from Olympians

What clients can learn from Penny Oleksiak and Michael Phelps.

5 issues that will impact retirement plans

For most clients, building personal wealth is the cornerstone of any plan to achieve a happy, healthy retirement.

Keep clients focused on the ‘finish line’

Financial planning is a marathon event, requiring years of saving, investing and good decision making.

Give your clients a ‘retirement checkup’

The dawn of retirement marks an excellent time for clients to reassess everything from spending habits to marital health.

Help clients see beyond closed doors to a happy retirement

Alexander Graham Bell once said “when one door closes, another door opens.” The problem, he concluded: “We often look so long and so regretfully upon…

Flexibility is key for today’s retirees

The observation deck atop the CN Tower in Toronto has a built-in sway of 0.48 metres (1.7 feet). The reason? As engineers have long known,…

Planning can help clients roll with the punches in retirement

Many people view retirement as a time to do all the things they couldn’t fit in while they were working – travelling, hanging out with…

5 ways to protect your business

In spite of your efforts to get clients investing in RRSPs year-round, too many wait until the last minute to make their contribution.