So much of retirement planning involves calculation – how much clients need to save, how much cash flow they require, and for how long. But while retirees can’t possibly plan for every eventuality, they can and should try to ensure they’re ready to face whatever comes their way.

Here are four innovative ways to help clients prevent or, at least, prepare for the storms that can batter retirement dreams.

1. Coddle the teeth. Yes, really. Many Canadians don’t have dental coverage after retirement. But this Forbes article by Robin Seaton Jefferson points out that failing to protect oral health can lead to poor overall health. An inability to chew can result in malnutrition, warped speech, pain and social isolation. Even worse, bad oral health is a contributing factor for heart disease, stroke, diabetes, erectile dysfunction and Alzheimer’s. The upshot: regular dental care should be built into the budget.

2. Bunk down with a dedicated support network. Tracy Hanes, a freelance real estate writer for, features the latter-day Golden Girls – four old high school friends who have custom-built a house to share in their golden years. Major selling points: the Port Perry home is affordable and the women provide a safety net and companionship for each other.

3. Adopt defensive strategies to help manage bear markets. The thought of a downturn in the stock market will send chills down many of your clients’ spines. This Globe and Mail article by Kira Vermond looks at strategies to help them manage that risk.

4. Take on a “hobby” job. Clients who are looking to top up cash flow can take on a variety of part-time jobs that allow them to do what they want and get paid for it. This U.S. News & World Report article by Abby Hayes focuses in on 10 part-time jobs that feel more like fun than work.