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When your clients know their date of death

With the assent of Bill C-14 in 2016, advisors will increasingly serve clients who choose medical assistance in dying. Here a financial planner, a lawyer…

The high costs of falling

Prevention and education can significantly reduce the risk of falls. A single fall can derail a carefully planned retirement. Advisors can learn the facts about…

Is your client emotionally ready to sell and rent?

Emotional, practical and physical factors are often as important as financial ones when it comes to selling the family home

Helping aging clients make estate-planning decisions

Financial skills are often the first to slip when aging clients suffer cognitive impairments. Advisors can help spot the early signs of cognitive decline and…

Tips for serving vision-impaired clients

[custom-html id=50] [custom-html id=75] From the need for reading glasses to cataract and more serious vision concerns, declining vision is an almost inevitable part of…

What inflation may mean for your retirement income

Yes, economies worldwide continue to gradually recover from the financial shocks of 2008 and the tremors that followed. In terms of GDP growth, though, the…

  • By: Staff
  • August 31, 2017 September 6, 2018
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Help clients cope with late-life divorce

Divorce hurts. And it can be hardest on those who experience it later in life. They feel betrayed and vulnerable. It doesn’t matter if it…

  • By: Staff
  • July 27, 2017 September 6, 2018
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Help former entrepreneurs adjust to investment risk

It can be hard to change jobs, especially if it involves shifting to an entirely different industry.

Join the club: Men’s social spaces ease transition to retirement

Susan Goldberg looks at an innovative approach to fostering men's well-being in retirement.

Finding meaning is key to easing men’s transition to retirement

Susan Goldberg talks about men’s need for meaningful activity in retirement.

Know what your travel insurance covers

Susan Goldberg examines the fine print of travel insurance policies for Snowbirds.

Spot the signs of incapacity

What to do before and when your client can no longer make decisions.

Tips for assessing capacity

Can your client still make financial decisions? In the first of a two-part series, Susan Goldberg discusses red flags that might signal diminished capacity.

What kind of retiree is your client?

Without a context for the money, a financial retirement plan has less value, says Susan Goldberg.

How to talk to grown-up kids about estate plans

The author thanks her dad for being upfront about his financial plans, and offers tips for family discussions about money.

Helping clients actually enjoy their money

Susan Goldberg discusses how advisors can help over-savers enjoy (at least some of) their money in the here and now.

5 questions to ask when doing end-of-life planning

Susan Goldberg discusses how to talk to clients about planning for dying.

Physician-assisted dying: An opportunity for client education

Susan Goldberg discusses how physician-assisted dying legislation affects estate planning.

Investing in a negative rate world

What happens when your clients have to pay the bank to hold their money?

What does a Liberal government mean for your clients?

Bryan Borzykowski, Toronto-based business journalist, weighs in on how the Liberals’ financial changes will affect Canadians.

What the new RRIF rules mean for estate planning

Clients can keep more money in their retirement accounts for longer. While that gives them more options, it could also mean they’ll end up with…

What to do about our debt

Personal debt levels are at record highs and that could become another problem for the Canadian economy.

Laddered bonds: Are they right for your client?

Bryan Borzykowski, Toronto-based business journalist, weighs in on laddered bonds

Dealing with dollars, inflation and rates

Boomers have a lot more to worry about than simply making sure their money lasts through retirement. Economic factors could impact even a well-thought-out plan.

Young, rich and tax savvy

For the under 50 high-net-worth set, money may be no object. But that doesn’t mean wealthy Canadians don’t need a sound financial plan.