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Canadian couple working in the U.S. faces retirement risks

These wealthy clients haven’t planned for the future

The Rideau Canal in Ottawa, Canada

C.D. Howe Institute calls for changes to retirement savings rules

A memo to Bill Morneau asks for a higher contribution age and accumulation limit

  • By: Staff
  • November 30, 2018 November 30, 2018
  • 13:08
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Feds consulting on pension deficits and insolvency

Dividend payments, share redemptions and executive compensation packages could be restricted

Should your client consider a copycat annuity?

What to know when commuting a pension

For seniors, divorce can mean emotional but not financial freedom

Divorcing later in life can seriously impact one’s finances

  • By: Sharon Ho
  • October 15, 2018 October 15, 2018
  • 16:43
Arrows leave comfort zone

OSC offers ideas to remove retirement planning barriers

Tactics to triumph over client inertia

  • By: Staff
  • July 27, 2018 September 7, 2018
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Advice for an active senior facing longevity risk

Client who might live to 100 has questions

Health insurance concept.

Expert confidential: Dr. Arlin Pachet

What to expect in a capacity assessment

Canadians underestimate retirement costs: study

Canadians aren’t saving as much for retirement as their global peers and are underestimatimg the costs of retirement, says a report from Schroders. The Global…

  • By: Staff
  • July 11, 2018 September 6, 2018
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Are you entitled to a commuted value?

Rules on commuting pensions and how values are calculated

CPP: A good bang for the buck?

Evaluating the Canada Pension Plan's value

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Supporting clients with dementia, and their caregivers

Dementia is an overarching term for a set of symptoms

Does your elderly client need dispute resolution?

How such a service works

Casual Loving Husband and Wife Multi Racial Couple Portrait 

Estate planning concerns for a blended family

Couple with kids from previous marriages considers adoption

Help clients design end-of-life plans

Assistance for navigating a tough time

When retirees are overextended by extended family

Unpleasant surprises can await clients who have planned for reduced expenses in retirement

Deceased mom’s estate causes tax nightmare

Not getting professional advice was just one of her mistakes

OSC outlines initiatives to help Ontario’s senior investors

The OSC has outlined new initiatives to respond to the needs of older investors.

  • By: Staff
  • March 20, 2018 September 6, 2018
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What’s the most tax-efficient retirement income source?

Here's help to find the answer to this pressing client question

How to build a better RRSP portfolio

Minimize the risk of not achieving targeted replacement income

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What you need to know about the federal budget

The 2018 federal budget highlights pharmacare, gender pay equity, additional parent support, and more.

  • By: Sun Life
  • March 6, 2018 September 10, 2018
  • 16:36

Learning to love your future self

Rituals, apps and other methods to help clients overcome an aversion to saving

How much retirement saving is enough?

What advisors can do to answer the question on every client's mind

When senior clients can’t—or won’t—retire

It’s time to retire assumptions about retirement