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Immigrants have been a boon to those advisors with the language skills and cultural understanding to harness the market, but it’s a two-way street. Not surprisingly, a number of advisors step up to the plate every day to give back to their communities, donating their time and expertise to worthy charitable causes. Interestingly, they often […]

Warren Buffett’s call to alms hasn’t gone unnoticed in the financial fraternity of Toronto. But while most feel Buffett’s initiative is sound, his intentions may not be. In short, no one’s getting swayed that easily. For those who came in late, Warren Buffet and Bill Gates are asking the world’s billionaires to sign a pledge, […]

As the loonie continues its waltz with the greenback, investors may be tempted to jump into U.S. markets in the hope of making a double whammy of returns, should the loonie slump back to 80 cents. Advisors, however, are quick to warn against such a move, saying it could be unwise, premature and a departure […]

As a warm up to the federal 2010 budget, we asked advisors what their dream budget would look like. And they sure spoke up. Here’s a wish list of things they think would make their jobs easier and their clients happier. James Hymas, president, Hymas Investment Management Inc. • A clear-cut plan for a balanced […]

Prior to the budget’s release, we asked advisors for a wish list of items they’d like to see included in the document. Many got their wishes granted, and now that the Commons has moved on to parsing its contents, we asked those same advisors to tell us where they thought the budget did, and didn’t, […]

Moderated by: Kanupriya Vashisht Participants Jim Morrison, VP and Regional Director, RBC Dominion Securities Tina Tehranchian, , MA, CFP, CLU, CHFC, Branch Manager, Financial Advisor, Assante Capital Management Ltd. Tina Tehranchian: A lot of it depends on the position you’re hiring for. Generally, if there’s a way to train an existing employee, it acts as […]

For the first eight months of 2009, more than 300,000 Canadians received a pink slip. And some who lost their jobs also had to deal with large sums in severance, and the uncertainty of what to do with it. Bruce Cumming, president of Cumming & Cumming Wealth Management in Oakville, Ont., confirms he saw a […]

Chances are, the next time you’re looking for a talented team member for your practice, you won’t rent out an auditorium, take your seat in the judge’s chair and wince your way through dozens of bad acts in the hope of finding one exceptional star. But even if your interview process doesn’t make for ratings-grabbing […]

While individual pension plans can be a sound solution for some entrepreneurs and executives, when it comes to retirement planning, one size never fits all. Mike Lynch, corporate specialist with Lynchpin Wealth and Transition Management, says IPPs tend to be somewhat oversold, but notes they aren’t optimal for a majority of Canadian small businesses that […]

This downturn has proven that insurance companies are not immune to market conditions, but some of the old standby insurance products — most notably whole life — are seeing a resurgence in sales. Advisors who offer comprehensive financial plans need to find ways to generate revenue, and by many accounts, investments are not fitting the […]