Introducing the Buy now, buy later (BNBL) tool from Sun Life Financial, a web application to help you gain a better understanding of how interest rate changes impact guaranteed income.

The BNBL tool on the Money for Life web application is a client-facing, user-friendly tool that allows you to compare the benefits and risks of two different strategies that deliver equivalent income:

  • purchasing a life annuity today, in today’s interest rate environment, and
  • purchasing a life annuity in the future, with an interest rate change of your choosing.

The BNBL tool answers the following questions:

  • How much income will I get from a life annuity I buy today?
  • I’m considering a life annuity in the future, but need the same level of income until then. What gross rate of return will I need to get, and still have enough assets left to buy a life annuity in the future?
  • What’s the likelihood my investment portfolio will reach this gross rate of return?
  • What will the impact to my income be if I don’t reach this gross rate of return?

How to use the tool

Work directly with the client and enter their personal information. You can adjust variables for an annuity today (registration type, average tax rate), and variables for an annuity in the future (length of delay, potential interest rate change, investment portfolio asset mix, average tax rate).

The BNBL tool compares these two different income strategies that deliver the same annual after-tax income, and provides results that help you and the client make a more educated decision.

These results are based on real historical data. While there’s no guarantee of future performance, the BNBL tool gives a better sense of how markets have performed in the past.

There’s also a full case study example that illustrates how the tool works, and how you can use the results to advise clients on an income strategy that’s right for them.

Sun Life Financial - Money for Life BNBL tool actual results page

Actual results page

Sun Life Financial - Money for Life BNBL tool example review

Example used for reference in the tool

Here are the reasons to use the BNBL tool with clients:

  • It’s a decision tool. It’s not just a sales tool. It’ll help advisors better assess client needs, not just help them sell annuities.
  • It’s a conversation starter. Regardless of the results the tool produces, advisors can speak about their money management skills, and reinforce a core competency.
  • It’s a sales opportunity. It’ll help with annuity sales, consolidation and portfolio restructuring.
  • It’s a confidence booster for advisors. With the click of a button advisors can dive deeper into the results, without needing a script. Subtle reminders will help them explain the results in front of clients, and it’s easy to play with parameters to test various situations.
  • It’s a confidence booster for clients. Knowing the advisor has looked at various scenarios, clients can be confident you’re providing them with the best possible service, reinforcing the value of advice and instilling trust in the advisor.

More information

Start using the BNBL tool on the Money for Life web application today by signing in through or Engage clients, and provide them with a solution to their guaranteed income needs.

To learn more about annuities and how to overcome annuity objections with clients, please visit the payout annuity marketing page on

Contact your Sun Life Financial Sales Director if you have any questions.

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