Canadians need health insurance at every stage of their financial planning. Whether it’s for protection to help manage expenses while dealing with a serious illness or disability during their working years, or protecting what they’ve built for their retirement, health insurance should be a part of all financial and retirement planning* conversations.

Each type of health coverage offers different protection at each stage of a client’s life, and it’s important for your clients to understand their protection needs both before and during retirement. As their advisor, you can outline some of the healthcare challenges your clients may face and then pair the appropriate coverage that can help protect their income from a health event at any stage of their life.

Sun Life Financial has developed a useful tool to leverage with clients when initiating the health coverage conversation. Comparing your health coverage solutions can help you have the conversation about your client’s health insurance needs. The infographic and high-level comparison will help you clearly outline the different types of health coverage options available to clients, their purpose, how they fit together, and the protection they provide against specific financial risks. When working with clients approaching or in retirement, it’s especially important to discuss personal health insurance options. You can help ensure your clients are properly informed about their options for individual coverage when their group plan ends as well as long-term care needs during their retirement years. Help clients prepare so they will have the means to make choices and pay for the level of care they want and expect later in life.

Visit the Sun Life Financial advisor site or contact your Sales Director to learn more about Personal Health Insurance, Health Coverage Choice, Sun Critical Illness Insurance, Sun Long Term Care Insurance, and Sun Retirement Health Assist.

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*Only advisors who hold CFP (Certified Financial Planner), CH.F.C (Chartered Financial Consultant), F.Pl. (Financial Planner in Quebec), or equivalent designations are certified as financial planners.