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8 proven tax opportunities to give clients more retirement money

This is sponsored content submitted by Sun Life Financial. In this article, Cheryl Norton discusses strategies to help clients minimize taxes when they’re planning for…

Michael Banham, Michael Irwin

A look at retirement planning in an uncertain market

The British decision to leave the European Union and Donald Trump’s election as U.S. President triggered waves of market volatility. While U.S. markets appear to…

Enter the next generation of life insurance

Dean Chambers, VP, Individual Insurance, Sun Life Financial, discusses the need for insurance and changes that will make permanent life insurance even better in 2017.

Professional, expert advice isn’t free — make it a key differentiator

Rocco Taglioni, SVP, Head of Distribution, Individual Insurance and Wealth, discusses upcoming changes — and why now is the time to deepen your client relationships.

Help tomorrow’s retirees by playing defence today

Sadiq S. Adatia, Chief Investment Officer, Sun Life Global Investments, discusses the market and how he’s positioning managed portfolios for long-term growth.

The art of retirement income planning

Michael Banham, VP, Wealth Distribution, highlights what you need to know about the opportunity in the retirement income market.

  • By: Mike Banham
  • September 29, 2016 September 25, 2018
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Helicopter portfolio monitoring: When clients’ best intentions can threaten their long-term goals

Rocco Taglioni, SVP, Sun Life, discusses how “always on” portfolio access for clients can threaten long-term goals.

Near term negativity with bright spots on the horizon: market insights for your business

Lori Landry, CMO, SLGI, discusses market sentiments and insights for your business.

Are your clients saving with a legacy in mind?

Rocco Taglioni, SVP, Sun Life, discusses how wealth products with guarantees can help clients leave a meaningful legacy.

Life insurance and high net worth Canadians: an eye-opening opportunity

Kevin Press, AVP, Market Insights, Sun Life, shares results from his newest white paper on high net worth Canadians.

Tax rule changes in 2017 won’t change the need for life insurance value

Dean Chambers, VP, Sun Life, discusses the importance of connecting with clients and reviewing their life insurance now.

Build savings as one pillar of a solid retirement income plan

Paul K. Fryer, VP, Sun Life, discusses a savings option, especially for Canadians who don’t have a workplace pension.

‘Longevity planning’ with your clients leads to a better retirement life

Rocco Taglioni, SVP, Sun Life, discusses how longer lifespans will change the way you work with clients to prepare for retirement.

Easing 2016 economic anxieties for clients

Sun Life Financial leaders, Rocco Taglioni and Sadiq S. Adatia, discuss the 2016 market outlook and what you can do for clients.

How to make the leap from RRSPs to investment growth, retirement income and legacy planning

Rocco Taglioni, SVP, Sun Life Financial, discusses wealth management strategies during the RRSP season through growth, income and protection lenses.

How to keep emotions out of investing — especially during RRSP season

Rocco Taglioni, SVP, Sun Life Financial, discusses using the annual RRSP “frenzy” to start long-term wealth discussions.

Are you stress testing your clients’ financial plans?

Rocco Taglioni, SVP, Sun Life Financial, discusses how in a world of change, it can pay to test your assumptions

Help clients manage the financial impact of a serious health event

A record number of Canadians are surviving their cancer diagnosis, and many are struggling to manage the expenses.

Impact of 2017 tax changes for life insurance — simply put

Changes to the taxation of life insurance is coming in 2017. Read about the key changes, the main points of grandfathering and what you can…

Risks, rewards and the role of segregated funds

Rocco Taglioni, SVP, Sun Life Financial, discusses the increasing interest in segregated fund products and the potential education gap.

How to connect with Generation X

Sun Life Financial completes its 3-part series on Generation X, looking at ways you can attract more Gen X clients to your business.

Preventative vaccinations and higher health care costs for Canadians – are your clients prepared?

Shingles is on the rise among older Canadians. The good news is there’s a vaccine — but it’ll cost you. Prepare your clients to manage…

Comparing Gen X to boomers – and why it matters to you

Sun Life Financial continues its three-part series on Generation X – Part II looks at how they compare to boomers, and why it matters to…

Generation X: Who are they – really? And what do they really need from you?

Sun Life Financial starts a three-part series on Gen X – who they are, what they want and how you can help them while building…

Enhancing the segregated fund product shelf: Why now? Why Sun Life?

Sun Life Financial leaders describe new segregated fund products and how they can help Canadians with their savings and retirement planning.