Make no mistake, individual wealth is indeed growing. Billions of dollars are passed to the boomer generation from their parents every year, and billions more continue to be earned by professionals and business owners.1 There’s a lot at stake.

It’s an important time to get the facts straight about the role insurance can play in enhancing and preserving wealth, whether it’s inherited or earned. A whitepaper from Sun Life Financial, 5 things advisors often don’t tell wealthy clients, discusses the misconceptions that can prevent people from getting the financial protection they need and want.

Insurance products add value for business owners and affluent individuals — from enhanced retirement income to tax-efficient wealth transfers. Insurance myths have lingered long enough. It’s time to look beyond them and assess the true value of insurance as part of your clients’ wealth protection and growth strategies.

View this whitepaper to learn what your wealthy clients need to know.

1 Jeremy Nichols, Pioneer Post , February 18, 2014.