In this age of instant information, it’s a challenge to stay up-to-date on the latest trends and industry changes. We’ve selected some key topics and trends from this year. Maybe you’ve seen them before and want a refresher, or perhaps you missed them. Read on to discover why they matter to you, your business and your clients.

Market outlook: time for caution

In January, the prediction was that investors were feeling more cautious about their investments. Market outlook: Time for caution outlined why Sun Life Global Investments planned to remain bullish toward equities but cautious on their investment approach. This sentiment was confirmed in the October article: Investors pessimistic about economy, more positive on personal finances. It highlighted the findings of the 2015 Investor Sentiment Report that showed almost 70% of investors hold a neutral to negative view of the Canadian economy for the next 5 years.

Behind the scenes of a new comparison tool

Bring your words to life with Sun Life’s Annuity & GIC income comparison tool. Show your clients how a life annuity can provide guaranteed lifetime income. This tool makes it easy to help your clients feel assured they won’t run out of money in retirement — even if they live to be 100.

Maximizing the family tax cut to your clients’ advantage

Did your clients adjust their budget to use the family tax credits that the Harper government announced in 2014? With the changing of the guard in Ottawa, it might be time to revisit their plans. You may need to help them make some changes for the coming year.

Insight into Canada’s emerging markets

Are you ready to serve the shifting face of Canadians? This 4-part series provides an overview on the emerging Chinese, Filipino, Arab and Latin-American markets in Canada. Understand their preferences and the opportunities that lie within.

Enhancing the segregated fund product shelf: why now? Why sun life?

This article tells the story of why the time is right for segregated funds. Learn how you can help meet Canadians’ demands for growth and guarantees leading up to and in retirement.

Who pays for health care?

Do you know who pays for health care in Canada? Many Canadians are underestimating their out-of-pocket health-care expenses. Help your clients plan for them — now and as they age. Learn about the myths and realities of out-of-pocket health costs and use Sun Life’s provincial health-care funding guidelines to show your clients who pays for health care.

Explaining the new estate information return — who’s accountable? what’s required?

A new estate information return came into effect in January 2015. It heightens the level of governance to the estate settlement process. It also imposes duties with risks to the estate trustee and their advisors. Find out what you need to know, including who’s accountable and what’s required.

What you need to know about generation x and why it matters

70% of Gen Xers don’t currently work with an advisor. This 3-part series provides insights into this demographic. Learn how to connect with the 35- to 50-year olds.

As a follow up to this series, you’ll also want to read: Connect with the future of your business — a special report on Gen X. It includes insights and infographics to help you learn more about the generation that needs your advice even more than the boomers.

This is just a sample of some of the topics brought to you from Sun Life Financial in 2015. We’ll continue to keep you informed on what’s happening so you can help your clients achieve a lifetime of financial security.

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